Blake Z. Rong is a guy who's not very good at bios. 

But if he had to say something about himself, he'll say that he's interested in books, trying new cuisines, motorcycles, cheap watches, and classic cars—in that order, mostly.

He has over 6 years of experience in newspaper, magazine, and online editing, long-form feature writing, news reporting, blogging—as well as auto show coverage, film and music reviews, AP and Chicago MLA style, and interviewing musicians, artists, executives, celebrities, and anyone in between. 

Blake Z. Rong graduated Syracuse University in 2010 with a degree in Writing. Far from wanting to join the working world—a.k.a. the world of the living—he went off to London, for a master’s in Creative Nonfiction, an idea buoyed mostly by Top Gear reruns, fried fish, old Triumph motorcycles and wearing long tan raincoats in general. 

In London, he became the European Editor for Hooniverse, operating on the fringes of automotive culture, and even snuck his way into the elusive Bristol showroom

After that first year in London, he nearly bought an old BMW airhead to ride across Europe. He didn’t. Instead, he was offered a job writing about cars, in faraway Los Angeles, went back to the States, and drove across the country. 

He stayed there for four years. Along the way, he wrote for, Autoweek, Jalopnik, The Truth About Cars, and Rideapart. He worked at the Petersen Automotive Museum on the intersection of Wilshire and Fairfax, which—with four stories of exhibits—will become America’s largest car museum when it reopens in December 2015. 

He moved to Austin in mid-2015 and is currently working on some personal projects.

If he’s not working on a new writing project, both fiction and nonfiction, he’s reading books, listening to The Mountain Goats, cooking Mexican food, or passionately defending the merits of the Saab brand