My name is Rick Beretta.

This is my partner, Colt Torsen.

We’ve walked this beat for 13 years. He’s the toughest sum-bitch ever to walk these streets. Well, the second toughest. Behind me.

We’re gonna need all the toughness we can muster. Cuz we’re deep undercover in the biggest European drug smuggling operation of the century. Chief says this could be big. Then he took us off the case. But he knows we don’t play by the rules.

Colt requisitioned this 1972 Pontiac from impound. He’s a hotshot motorhead, and he doesn’t play by the rules. I don’t play by the rules, either. I got four ex-wives who also say I don’t play by the rules.

Problem is, Chief wants us to play by the rules.

This is…VICE SQUAD: ‘72.

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